• Roasting coffe

Roasting Philosophy

Here at Rabble & Lion Coffee we generally roast on the medium to light side to highlight the natural flavors of each coffee bean. While some dark roasts can be acceptable, roasting this way hides these flavors. Because of this you won't find these coffees here. Just as important is where the coffee is from, right down to the soil it's grown in, to the methods used to process and deliver to us prior to roasting. We like coffees that have layers of tastes and complexity and don't always look for an exact flavor profile or tasting notes. For us to choose a coffee to roast, it means it has to be great. All coffee is roasted in small batches to our exacting standards, packaged and delivered as soon as possible. No stale or old coffee here.


We are often asked why vinyl records. For us it's the perfect pairing with coffee. It comes down to the look, the feel of a record just as much as the sound. In today's world the ability to pick up a record and feel the weight of it and touch the cover art seems to pay better tribute to the music inside and the work put into making it come to fruition. The ritual of selecting the vinyl, pulling it out of its cover, and gently placing on the turntable all create a level of respect for the music and the artists who create it. Not unlike coffee, great music takes that extra few moments. And plus, vinyl is just cool.